23 Oct - 24 Oct 2021

Copa Junior & Copa Branca 2021

Normal registration
08 Aug - 15 Oct 23:59
Late registrations
Deadline 18 Oct 23:59


Välkommen till en rolig tävling för vitbälten och juniorer, ett perfekt tillfälle för utövare att få tävlingserfarenhet.

Copa Junior / Copa Branca 2021

For the 8th time the BJJ tournaments Copa Junior and Copa Branca return under the management of Concrete BJJ in Tyresö.

We would like to welcome you to an excellent competition aimed at whitebelts and junior practitioners, a perfect opportunity for those new to the sport to gain competition experience.

The maximum number of participants is 300 for each section of the tournament (Junior and Branca resp.), and once these have been registered and paid registration will be closed. Due to these limitations we advise that you register for the competition as early as possible. We would also stress the fact that Copa Branca provides both Adult and Master classes.

Copa Junior, for junior and juvenile competitors, will be held on Saturday October 23rd, Copa Branca, for adult competitors including the Absolute weight classes, on Sunday October 24th.


Last opportunity for regular registration is Friday 15th of October, and for late registration Monday 18th of October. As this means that your registration fee must be visible on our account at that time we advise that you pay it at least 24 hours beforehand. NO ADJUSTMENTS WILL BE MADE TO ANY INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION OR TO THE COMPETITION BRACKETS once the registration has closed.

Registration fee:

SEK 250 (junior and juvenile) - SEK 350 (adults) in regular registration fee.

SEK 300 (junior and juvenile) - SEK 400 (adults) in late registration fee.


100% refund until 18/10 at 23.59, thereafter no refund. In the event of external factors that we as organizers cannot influence, such as restrictions from the government regarding Covid-19, or other decisions from RF, SBJJF or SB&K, we WILL NOT REFUND THE REGISTRATION FEE.

Previous grappling experience:

As per subsection 5.5 of the IBJJF General Competition Guidelines "An athlete proven to be a black belt in judo, have experience in freestyle or Greco-Roman wrestling or to have fought MMA as a professional or amateur, shall not be allowed to enter any tournament as a white belt". As Copa Branca is a tournament for whitebelts only, do keep this in mind.

Registering for the Adult Absolute weight classes:

In order to compete in the Adult Absolute weight classes, you need to first register for your regular weight class, then register a second time for the Absolute weight class. During the day of competition, all athletes registered for the Absolute weight classes will be called upon to confirm their registration at the weigh-in area. Any who do not appear to confirm that they will compete will have their entry stricken from the bracket.

Health and safety:

Each athlete must have with them two documents in order to be allowed to compete. The first of these being a health declaration form, which should be filled out BEFORE the day of the tournament, the second being a health examination form which will be filled out by the medical staff on the day of the tournament after they have examined the athlete.

The athletes are responsible for printing out and preparing these documents as described above. If the athlete lacks either of the two documents on the day of the competition, they WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO COMPETE and WILL RECEIVE NO REFUND.

Opening hours:

The entrance to the facility will open to competitors at 09:15 each day, with matches expected to start at 10:00. This early start is to allow the contestants to be examined by the medical staff in advance, with priority given to those who have the earlier matches.


Wättingehallen (Tyresö Gymnasium), Farmarstigen 11, Tyresö

Competition Format:

In the case of all age categories, if only 2 competitors are in a given weight class, the format will be Best of Three.

For junior competitors, in all cases except the above, the format used will be Round Robin.

For juveniles and adults the format with be Single Elimination, with the losers of the semifinals competing for bronze. If there are only 3 competitors in a given class for these age categories the format will be Comeback, in which the loser of the first match gets a second chance.

Combining classes due to lack of opponents:

If you find that junior competitors have been moved around and no longer appear in the specific age, weight or belt class in which they were registered, know that this is to ensure they have enough opponents and that each combination follows the guidelines laid down by SBJJF.

As finding the best competition brackets takes some experimentation some strange groups may be created at this time. The official groups will be those whose brackets are published near the end of the week.

The guidelines in question can be found here: https://www.bjjsweden.se/arrangera-tavling

Similar moving around of competitors may also occur for older competitors, such as being moved up a weight class or down an age bracket if no opponents could be found in their original group.


The competition will be held as per the rules laid down in the IBJJF rules document, which can be found here: https://ibjjf.com/books-videos

Brackets will be constructed as per the guidelines provided by SBJJF.

Weighing in:

Weighing in is done with the gi and takes place just before the competitor goes to their first match. Permitted colors on gi follow according to the IBJJF's regulations. Information regarding these can be found in the IBJJF rules document.

Adult competitors must also be able to provide ID at both the weigh in and before each match.

Parents accompanying junior competitors:

For each junior competitor, in order to give them the support required to make our competition a good and memorable experience, 1 parent may accompany them to the mat and remain there during the match. The parent in question, however, is not allowed to coach or cheer from the side of the mat. So long as the match is ongoing, they must remain present but silent. Those who do not comply with these instructions will be escorted away from the competition area.

Possible changes to current restrictions:

As the Swedish government has announced that there will be a change in restrictions from September 29th and onwards, it is possible that many of the above guidelines (such as health form requirements) may be updated before the event is held, so keep an eye on this page until the day of the event.


Wättingehallen »
Farmarstigen 9
Timezone: Europe/Stockholm

Cancel/Refund policy


  • Girls 250 SEK
  • Boys 250 SEK
  • Juvenile girls 250 SEK
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile boys 250 SEK
    16-17 years
  • Women 350 SEK
    18 years and above
  • Men 350 SEK
    18 years and above
  • Absolute Men 0 SEK
  • Absolute Women 0 SEK