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14 Feb - 21 Feb 23:59
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Battle of Stockholm 16 Sweden Tour Borlänge

Gi and nogi for kids, adult and masters!

Welcome to Battle of Stockholm! With GI and NOGI under IBJJF ruleset.


See the page in english for the updated version, switch in the upper part on the flag. 

The brackets are published. The last matches will be 20.30-21.00. Some people will drop out and we always finish before scheduled time. 

A competition in BJJ, gi and nogi. 

Gi and nogi for kids, juvenile, adult and masters. 

The maximum number of participants is limited to 180, when they are filled and paid, registration closes. 

IMPORTANT! Now we fully implement IBJJF rules on nogi clothing as well. Read here! 


Kampsportens Hus


Normal registration until 14 February

Kids and juveniles 250 SEK (Gi and nogi combined 450)

Adult 450 SEK (Gi and nogi combined 800)

Late 15-21  February

Kids and juveniles 350 (Gi and nogi combined 600)

Adult 550 SEK (Gi and nogi combined 1000)

Volunteer as staff and compete in one class for free! Food is included. We teach you the assignments during the event. Contact us for more info.


100% refund until 21 February at 23.59, thereafter no refund. In the event of external factors that we as organizers cannot influence, such as restrictions from the government regarding covid-19, or other decisions from RF or SBBJF and SB&K, we will NOT REFUND THE REGISTRATION. If payment were made with swish, please send an e-mail to get the refund. 


Last chance to make any changes is at 21 February 23.59 o'clock. 


We aim to offer each athlete a chance to fight, so we might have to combine some classes if there are too few participants. The mixing of classes will primarily be based on the athlete's weight and secondarily their age. As a last resort we might also have to mix belt colours. If weight classes is combined, we weigh in at the highest registered weight in the class. 


Weighing in with gi and nogi takes place just before the competitor goes to his first match in the actual class. Permitted colors on gi according to IBJJF's regulations. One weigh in gi and one weigh in nogi. 


We follow SBJJF rulebook regarding competition.

When SBJJF do not explain all details we refer to  IBJJF rulebook

UNIFORM Gi and Nogi 

See the clothing rules for gi and nogi here


The BJJ-association says that it is up to the instructor to award an interim belt. However, the association points out that a person who wears a black belt in judo, or those who have competed at the Swedish Championships in wrestling or SW, or those who have competed at national level or higher in another country in either wrestling, SW or another similar sport such as Sambo or have competed professionally in MMA may not compete in white belt class in any BJJ or Nogi competition.


Drop in at 12.00. Matches starts at 12.45. Estimated ready at 20.30.


First place for adult open black, brown, purple and blue belts will get an awesome rash guard and a medal. 

Others will get a medal. 

All kids 4-15 years old will get a medal regardless of result. The medal in fourth place and below will be smaller than 1-3 place. 

🥋 Juveniles in adult class?

Juveniles (16-17 years old), may, if they so wish, also participate in the Adult class, it requires, however a guardian's certificate to be uploaded in the registration process which will confirm participation in the Adult class. Juveniles competing twice pay only the Adult fee. This option will be suggested to you (if you qualify according to your birth year) when you register at Smoothcomp.com

Download this document and then have the instructor and one parent sign it and then upload the signed document in the registration process. 


Fight schedule and brackets will be up at 20 o'clock two days before competition. 

1-2 mats will be used.

There will be space for warm up on a wrestling mat.

Kids, 4-15 years will compete in double elimination. Two kids in a weightlass will make best of three. 


9-16 December 2023. More info here



  • Girls NoGi 250 SEK
    4-15 years
  • Juvenile Girls Gi 250 SEK
    16-17 years
  • Boys NoGi 250 SEK
    4-15 years
  • Juvenile Boys Gi 250 SEK
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile Boys No-Gi 250 SEK
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile Girls No-Gi 250 SEK
    16-17 years
  • Men Gi 450 SEK
    18 years and above
  • Male No-Gi 450 SEK
    18 years and above
  • Female No-Gi 450 SEK
    18 years and above
  • Women Gi 450 SEK
    18 years and above
  • Male Absolute No-Gi 0 SEK
  • Female Absolute No-Gi 0 SEK
  • Girls Gi 250 SEK
    4-15 years
  • Boys Gi 250 SEK
    4-15 years
  • Open Division / Women 0 SEK
    Adults in White, Blue, Purple belt + Master division for Brown & Black
  • Open Division / Men 0 SEK
    Adults in White, Blue, Purple, Brown belt + Master divisions in black
  • Open Blackbelt Adult Male 0 SEK
  • Open Brown/Blackbelt Female 0 SEK

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