THE EVENT IS FULL. Welcome to Battle of Stockholm #4! With gi under IBJJF ruleset.

The Battle of Stockholm #4

THE EVENT IS FULL. The brackets are complete, minor changes will occur from now on. Kids will start, after they are finished adults will start. 

IMPORTANT! Updated info on Covid. Vaccine certificate is mandatory for everyone that is not competing or arranging the event.

- Spectators and coaches above 18 years must show valid vaccine certificate and ID

- The requirement does not apply to people who for medical reasons should not be vaccinated and can verify this with a valid medical certificate.

Read more on Riksidrottsförbundet. If you have questions, use the contacts below. 

Print and bring your health declaration  ALL competitors must fill it in. 

A competition in BJJ for kids, adults and masters organized by Nexus Stockholm. 

The maximum number of participants is limited to 170, when they are filled and paid, registration closes. All participants must bring and fill in the Health Declaration on the day of the competition. Fill in the fields that you can answer before (your personal information etc.)

Audience is allowed, Fee is 50 SEK. Registered coaches do not pay fee. Register coach to [email protected] Max two coaches per team. 
We will stream the matches so you can follow your matches via BJJ TV stream. Click here for the stream


Nexus Stockholm, (indoors) Drottningholmsvägen 185, 167 53 Bromma.

Registration fee:

Early bird until 5 dec

Kids 200 SEK

Adult 300 SEK

Late 6 dec-16 dec

Kids 350 SEK

Adult 500 SEK

Payment can be made via Swish or Paypal.


90% refund until 16 December at 23.59, thereafter no refund. In the event of external factors that we as organizers cannot influence, such as restrictions from the government regarding covid-19, or other decisions from RF or SBBJF and SB&K, we will NOT REFUND THE REGISTRATION.

Change of weight class

Last chance to make any changes is 16 December at 23.59 o'clock. 

Mixed classes

We aim to offer each athlete a chance to fight, so we might have to combine some classes if there are too few participants. The mixing of classes will primarily be based on the athlete's weight and secondarily their age. As a last resort we might also have to mix belt colours. If weight classes is combined, we weigh in at the highest registered weight in the class. 

Weighing in:

Weighing in with gi takes place just before the competitor goes to his first match. Permitted colors on gi according to IBJJF's regulations. 


We follow IBJJF's rulebook regarding competition.


Drop in at 12.30. Matches starts at 13:15. Estimated ready at 22.30.


First place for black, brown, purple, open blue, open white belts will get an awesome rash guard and a medal. 

Others will get a medal. 

All kids 4-15 years old will get a medal regardless of result. The medal in fourth place and below will be smaller than 1-3 place.

16-17 years old

Needs to fill in this form to be able to compete in the adult class. Send it to [email protected]

General info

You can walk (500 m) from Alviks subway to the arena.

A food truck with west african food will be by the arena. They will also sell hot ”glögg” to get the right christmas spirit. 

Fight schedule and brackets will be up at 20 o'clock the evening before competition. Kids will start at competition day. 

2 mats will be used.

There will be space for warm up on a wrestling mat.

Sauna is avaliable.

It is a lot of cheap parking spaces just outside the competition center. 

Kids, 4-15 years will compete in round robin system. Two kids in a weightlass will make best of three. All meets all when there is three kids in a class. 

For those who want to support the crypto space and get a little discount, pay with crypto. Send an sms to 070-147 58 20 for more info. (Only for people cunning in crypto)

Grappling camp

A grapplingcamp is arranged at Tenerife 2 - 9 april. Se more info here. 


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Drottningholmsvägen 185
Fuso horário: Europe/Stockholm

Cancel/Refund policy


  • Boys Gi 350 SEK
  • Girls Gi 350 SEK
  • Juvenile Boys Gi 350 SEK
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile Girls Gi 350 SEK
    16-17 years
  • Male Gi 500 SEK
    18 years and above
  • Female Gi 500 SEK
    18 years and above
  • Male Absolute Gi 0 SEK
  • Female Absolute Gi 0 SEK