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Nordic BJJ Open 2019 - Spring edition

Welcome to Nordic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships! A tournament for kids, juveniles, adults and masters in Stockholm/Nacka. Arranged by Nacka Dojo since 2012.


Saturday 09:00
Adults and Master 1-3 classes (all belts)
Open classes for adult men blackbelts and brown/black for women

Sunday 09:00
Kids and Juveniles (all belts)
Open classes for adults & master 1-3 (white, blue, purple and brown)

23-24 of March 2019, event start at 09.00 both days.


Skuruhallen, Skuru Skolväg 2, 13137 Nacka (Stockholm/Sweden)
Kids, juveniles, adults and masters can compete and we have open classes for all adults and masters.


We will use Smoothcomps solution for streaming, it is an IOS app called Smoothstreamer (BETA) that works together with the Scoreboard app for PC and Mac. Smoothstreamer gives you the livevideo together with the scoreboard as overlay graphics. You can also scan a QR code for each match with your smartphones camera to see the bracket. At Mat E we will also have a productionset with commentary hosted by Jakob Ökvist & Magnus "Jycken" Cedenblad with guests.

Saturday streaming links:
Mat A: https://youtu.be/0d8c_FiTI2Q
Mat B: https://youtu.be/u_QZayRfD0E
Mat C: https://youtu.be/Eq6Y36Vmmm8
Mat D: https://youtu.be/ZGpWv4pLZ34
Mat E: https://youtu.be/C_1Q5H0lNSg (commentary broadcast)
Mat F: https://youtu.be/vDF0e5P_J14
Mat G: https://youtu.be/Jd1IewS_Wlk
Mat H: https://youtu.be/S2lQWB3KRfk

Sunday streaming links:
Mat A: https://youtu.be/oYbgNf5TRKc
Mat B: https://youtu.be/JLnXrTGxcLM
Mat C: https://youtu.be/7DLN1_s4SXA
Mat D: https://youtu.be/_GfMKlaX-C8
Mat E: https://youtu.be/OcJqeHBFGTE
Mat F: https://youtu.be/CUWcc0nXw1o
Mat G: https://youtu.be/U-n-31b8CxA
Mat H: https://youtu.be/T5sfnLLCOX8

*Streaming video from 8 mats is a a complex procedure and especially in the venue we are running our event. We dont guarantee that the streams will work 100% at all time. We have invested a lot in this and hopefully we can give all viewers a good experience.

💰20,000 sEK in PRIZEMONEY!

Prizemoney in the open classes for Adults!

* 5000 sek for male blackbelts & brown/black for women.
* 3000 sek for brownbelts
* 2000 sek for purplebelts
* 1000 sek for bluebelts
* 500 sek for whitebelts

A minimum of two fighters is required for the division to happen. Gentleman agreements are not allowed and if we see that happening, no money will be presented to the winner.


One team, 5 fighters, 2 Women, 3 Men. One winner.

After the normal division we will have the first team event in Swedish BJJ. Read more about the format here (in Swedish). 

✏️Register your academy here!

Registered teams So FAr:

- Dynamix
- Hilti


We will give a number of coaches from each academy free entrance according to this calculation.
- 1-5 fighters competing in the event that day= 2 coaches for free
- 6 or more fighters competing in the event that day= 3 coaches for free

Please coordinate in the academy, we will have a list by the entrance that coaches can sign when they arrive but if its full they will need to pay for their entrance.


Registration for the open class will open Sunday morning at 06.00-10.45 and you register by logging in to your account. From your previous registration for the normal division, click "add more" and then complete the registration for the open weight (no extra cost!).

To qualify for participation in Open Class the following criteria must be met:
- You must be at least 18 years old.
- You must first have fought in your own weight class.
- You are only allowed to participate in the same belt colour category for Open Class as you participated in your own weight class.

For Male White and Blue belts (Female is one open class), the Open classes will be split into two. One Light for -76kg and one Heavy for +76kg. For -76kg you will have to weigh in by the mat before your first fight. You are free to choose any of these regardless of what weight class you competed in the day before.

Example: if you competed in -76kg but do not want to keep dieting for another day, it is okay to register for the +76kg Open Class.

Juveniles, 16-17 years old, may, if they so wish, also participate in the Adult class, but only in their own weight class. It requires, however a guardian's certificate to be uploaded in the registration process which will confirm participation in the Adult class. Juveniles competing twice pay only the Adult fee. This option will be suggested to you (if you qualify according to your birth year) when you register at Smoothcomp.com.


By plane or train:
From Arlanda airport you take the fast train or bus to T-centralen and then the subway to Slussen. From Slussen you take bus 409-422 to Skuru Skola and follow Skuru Skolväg to the end.

By car:
Take road 222 towards Gustavsberg and the turn when you see the sign for Nacka Sjukhus (hospital). Turn right and after 200 meters you will see Skuru Skola on your right. At the end of Skuru Skolväg 2, park your car outside the arena.


It is possible to stay in the school that is located only 100m from the arena. You will need to bring your own madras and sleeping gear. There is toilets in the hallway, showers are located in the arena or in our academy (everything is on the premises of the arena areas). 

The price to sleep in the school is only 100 skr/person/night, (200skr if you book after Tuesday in the competition week). Pay for your stay when you register for the event. 

The latest time to arrive on Friday is 20.00. 

Nacka Stadshotell:
The hotel is located only five minutes in walking distance from the competition arena. 


Fee adult & master: 400 skr
Fee juniors: 200 skr
Late fee: 200 skr


Payment is done with creditcard when you register to the tournament. Smoothcomp will refund your fee if you cancel before the tournament!

- You get 100% back if you cancel from your account before Sunday 17th of March 23:59
- You get 50% back if you cancel before Friday 22nd of March at 20.00
- After these dates we offer no refunds.

Changes of weightclass:
Last day to make any changes: Tuesday 19 th of March 23:59

Entrance fee:
50 skr/day (kids below 15 years get free entrance)


About 30 minutes before the first fight, the athlete will check his/her weight with the Gi. You are only allowed to complete the weigh in when your name is visible on the screen names "current matches". There is only one opportunity to check the weight. If the competitor does not make the weight, they will be immediately disqualified (Adults + Masters). For kids & juveniles we will try and move you if its possible. Please make sure that you are in the correct weight division. There is a sauna in Nacka Dojos training center across the street of the arena and it will be warm from 08.00. You can not change divisions at the weigh-in, if you do not make your designated division, no changes will be accepted on the tournament day, no refunds.

All athletes should fight and weigh-in with the Gi. Only white, black and royal blue gi´s are allowed.

IBJJF uniform regulations


We will merge/combine groups if necessary. We will do this according to described standard.

1. We will combine weight classes within the same age and belt (we will try to avoid to big weight difference)
2. We will combine weight classes within the same age but combine belts
3. We will move to another weight class but with the same belt
4. We will move to another weight class and/or belt and age class
5. If no option above is possible we will cancel the weight class and give a refund

Mixed Classes
We aim to offer each athlete a chance to fight, so we might have to combine some classes if there are too few participants. We strive to get at least three (3) athletes per class, but sometimes only two (2) is possible. The mixing of classes will primarily be based on the athlete's weight and secondarily their age. For kids we might also have to mix belt colours.


We require at least two fighters in one group for the weightclass to happen. We will merge/combine groups if necessary. We will do this according to described standard.

1. We will combine two weight classes within the same age (we will try to avoid to big weight difference)
2. We will combine two weight classes with the age group below (Master 3>>2>>1>>Adult)
3. If no option above is possible we will cancel the weight class and give a refund

It is always your responsibility to check the brackets when they are published and cancel if you feel you have been moved to a new class that you can't accept. Normal dates for refunds apply.


For adults and masters we offer single elimination with a bronze fight or a bracket of three. For kids and juveniles we offer double elimination, round robin or best out of three to give everyone a minimum of two fights.

There will not be any briefing of the rules at the tournament, so make sure you read up on them. International BJJ rules from International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation will apply, you can find them at www.ibjjf.org/rules


Head referee: Erik Friberg, Sweden

1. Arash Javanbakht, Sweden
2. Martin Moen, Norway
3. Joseph Karim, Sweden
4. Thomas Johannesen, Norway
5. Max Lindblad, Sweden
6. Cemil Karahan, Sweden
7. Hakim Mazari, Norway

8. Nelber Arnaud, Sweden
9. Juha Natunen, Finland
10. Hussein Abbas-Zade, Norway
11. Alexander Rio, Norway
12. Tarik Hopstock, Norway
13. Alexander Baffoun, Sweden
14. Hama Balisany, Norway
15. Signe Fredricsson, Sweden
16. Ralf Carneborn, Sweden


Skuruhallen »
Skuru skolväg 2 13137 Nacka
Fuseau horaire: Europe/Stockholm


  • Girls 200 SEK
    4-15 years
  • Boys 200 SEK
    4-15 years
  • Juvenile boys 200 SEK
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile girls 200 SEK
    16-17 years
  • Men 400 SEK
    18 years and above
  • Women 400 SEK
    18 years and above
  • Open Division / Women 0 SEK
    White, Blue, Purple belt + Master Brown & Black. Registration is open Sunday 24th of March, 06.00-11.00
  • Open Division / Men 0 SEK
    White, Blue, Purple, Brown belt + Master black. Registration is open Sunday 24th of March, 06.00-11.00
  • Open Blackbelt Adult Male 0 SEK
    5000 skr in prizemoney!
  • Open Brown/Blackbelt Female 0 SEK
    5000 skr in prizemoney!
  • Sleep at the school (1 day) 100 SEK
    Available for those who book well in time. For 100 SEK per person/per night we offer very spartan conditions. Sleep on the floor (bring your own madras and sleeping gear), access to a nearby toilet, shower at the arena.
  • Sleep at the school (2 days) 200 SEK
    Available for those who book well in time. For 200 SEK per person/weekend we offer very spartan conditions. Sleep on the floor (bring your own madras and sleeping gear), access to a nearby toilet, shower at the arena.