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12 Jan - 10 Feb 23:59
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10 Feb - 25 Feb 23:59
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25 Feb - 01 Mar 23:59
Event starts 04 Mar

BJJ Nation kids tournament #1

Welcome to BJJ Nation kids Tournament, 4th March ! A BJJ tournament only for kids

The tournament is one day gi competition arranged by MMA Center and held in Mölndal, Sweden for kids from 4-15 years old.



Flöjelbergsgatan 7B

43137 Mölndal 


4th march 2023 at 9:00


The first matches of the day will start at 09:00.

Weigh-ins start at 08:30, ONLY FOR THE ATHLETES ON THE MONITOR

Please note that kids matches are generally faster than scheduled. Please make sure to be in the arena with plenty of time to prepare.

Please note that at the end of the day we will move divisions to empty mats should a mat finish ahead of schedule.

Also note that all times are dynamic! Make sure to be in the arena in good time because your match may be sooner than initially posted!


You will be allowed to weigh in when your match is up on the monitor in the arena, 15-30 minutes prior to your match. You will weigh in with your full uniform on.


MMA Center YouTube channel


All coaches must apply for an individual coachpass for free entrance. We allow a maximum of 2 coaches per academy.

This application have to be done through smoothcomp on registration like all competitors.


Kids under 6 years =2 minutes

Kids between 7-9 years =3 minutes

Kids between 10-15 years =4 minutes


There will not be any briefing of the rules at the tournament, so make sure you read up on them. International BJJ rules from International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation will apply, you can find them at HERE


We will merge/combine groups if necessary. We will do this according to described standard.

1. We will combine weight classes within the same age and belt (we will try to avoid to big weight difference)

2. We will combine weight classes within the same age but combine belts

3. We will move to another weight class but with the same belt

4. We will move to another weight class and/or belt and age class

5. If no option above is possible we will cancel the weight class and give a refund


We aim to offer each athlete a chance to fight, so we might have to combine some classes if there are too few participants. We strive to get at least three (3) athletes per class, but sometimes only two (2) is possible. The mixing of classes will primarily be based on the athlete's weight and secondarily their age. For kids we might also have to mix belt colours.


200skr early bird/ 300skr Normal registration/ 400skr Late registrations


100 skr Saturday (kids below 12 years get free entrance)

-Payment is done at the entrance.


Payment is done with credit card when you register to the tournament. Smoothcomp will refund your fee if you cancel before the tournament!

- You get 100% back if you cancel from your account latest Friday 24th February 23:59

- You get 50% back if you cancel latest Wednesday 1st March at 23:59

- After these dates we offer no refunds.

Changes of weight class:

Last day to make any changes: Wednesday 1st March at 23:59

Payment is done with credit card when you register to the tournament.


Adults, masters, juveniles and kids.

Medals it'll be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for adults, masters, open division, juveniles and kids.


  • Boys Gi 300 SEK
  • Girls Gi 300 SEK

Cancel/Refund policy