Normal registration
24 Feb - 26 Apr 23:59
Late registrations
26 Apr - 30 Apr 23:59
Event starts 04 May

Gota Bjj Open Spring 2024

Welcome to Nybro in the middle of Småland's Kingdom of Crystal. Gota BJJ Open is a competition for kids, juveniles, adults, and masters. We offer a well-organized, exciting, and fun competition with tough matches and, with your help, a great atmosphere!


Welcome to Gota BJJ Open held on 4/5 2024 in Nybro. As before, the competition will be held in OG-Hallen.

The competition is open to children, youth, adults and masters in all belt classes. 


The kids start first then followed by Juveniles, Adults, and Masters. 

Doors open at 08.30.

Weigh-in starts at 09:30 for the participants who are up on the screen.

The competition starts at 10.00

Keep in mind that many children's matches go faster than planned. Make sure to be ready well in advance.

We may move matches to empty mats during the day. The schedule is dynamic and changes throughout the day.


We offer all black and brown belts the chance to compete free of charge!

Use promo code: BlackBrownFree


Adult: SEK 450

Juvenile & Children: SEK 250

Black belts and brown belts: 0:-

Late registration: 200 SEK extra / adult, 200 SEK extra / child

Juveniles who also want to participate in Adult only pay for Adult. You need to fill out the application for an exemption and send it to us to compete in adult divisions.

You will find it here:


100% will be refunded if deregistration is made before April 26th at 23.59

50% will be refunded if de-registration is made before April 30th at 23.59.

Cancellation after the specified time will not be refunded. 


We welcome as many coaches as you need


Last registration: 30/4 at 23/59

Last correction: 30/4 at 23.59 


We do our best to offer all competitors the opportunity to participate in a match. In some cases, we will need to merge classes to get participants. We strive to always have at least 3 participants in each class if possible.

We follow the Swedish BJJ Federation's rules regarding mergers of classes. See below:

1. Age. For children, there may be a maximum of 3 years difference between contestants. Children and Juvenile should never be combined. Keep in mind that age is calculated as follows: (current year - year of birth). Juveniles are allowed to compete against adults in the same belt.

2. Weight. For children, there may be a maximum of 2 weight classes between competitors.

3. Belt. For children, either white and grey as well as yellow and up, or if necessary, white up to yellow and orange and up, are combined. If this is not possible, there may be a maximum difference of 2 steps in belts. For adults, only female adult brown and black are combined.

4. Gender. Children under the age of 13 may be combined across genders. From the year you turn 13, genders will not be combined.

👮🏽 ♀️ RULES

The competition will be conducted under IBJJF's regulations with the exception that we apply the bronze match.

For children, Round Robin, double re-qualifying, or best-of-3 are applied depending on the number of participants in the class.


You get to weigh in when your match is up on the screen in the arena, about 15-30 minutes before your match. You weigh in in full uniform.

✈️ Flight:

The nearest airport is Kalmar, about 25 minutes from Nybro.

🚂 Train:

It is about 600 m between the train station and the hall


  • Girls Gi 250 SEK
    4-15 years
  • Boys Gi 250 SEK
    4-15 years
  • Juvenile Girls Gi 250 SEK
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile Boys Gi 250 SEK
    16-17 years
  • Men Gi 450 SEK
    18 years and above
  • Women Gi 450 SEK
    18 years and above
  • Open Division / Women 0 SEK
    Adults in White, Blue, Purple belt + Master division for Brown & Black
  • Open Division / Men 0 SEK
    Adults in White, Blue, Purple, Brown belt + Master divisions in black
  • Open Blackbelt Adult Male 0 SEK
  • Open Brown/Blackbelt Female 0 SEK

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