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26 Jun - 08 Aug 01:59
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At Scandinavian NoGi championships IBJJF No-gi rules will be used. This mean that the same rules as applies in normal BJJ will used during this competition.



Open class registration is now open and will close on Saturday at 11.00. You register on our account at Smoothcomp. Open classes will start after the weight classes on all mats.


We will only have a small cafeteria open in the arena with snacks and soft drinks. So if you need to eat something during the tournament it is wise to bring some food. There are no restaurants next to the arena.


It is possible to park at the School parking 500 m from the arena but the parking spots next to the arena are for the staff.


Matches will be 5 minutes for white, 6 minutes for blue, 7 for purple and 8 minutes for Brown/black category.

Note:  Championship belts will be awarded to the winners of the all brown/black weight classes.

Open class (white, blue & purple) will be devided in -73.5 and +73.5 kg for men, -61.5 and +61.5 kg for women. Brown/black category will only have one open class. All open class winners will be awarded championship belts.

Before the first fight, the athlete will check the weight. You have only one opportunity to check the weight. If the athlete does not make his/her weight, they will be immediately disqualified and are not allowed to compete in either the weight class or open class. Please make sure that you are in the correct weight division. You can not change divisions, if you do not make your designated division, no changes will be accepted on the tournament day, no refunds.

Read more on the IBJJF rules and especially the part on approved cloth (colors) to wear in a No-gi competition.


- White belts
- Blue belts
- Purple belts
- Brown/black category

There will be only Adult classes

(no Master or juvenile classes)

Weight classes:


-55.5, -61.5, -67.5, -73.5, -79.5, -85.5, -91.5, -97.5 and +97.5 kg

Open class -73.5 & +73.5 kg (white, blue & purple)

Brown/black open class


-51.5, -56.5, -61.5, -66.5, -71.5 kg, -76.5 and +76.5 kg

Open class -61.5 & +61.5 kg (white, blue & purple)

Brown/black open class


Fuso horário: Europe/Stockholm



  • Men 300 SEK
  • Women 300 SEK
  • Open class - Men 0 SEK
  • Open class - Women 0 SEK