04 Jun - 05 Jun 2022


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Another unique opportunity to compete and have fun at Scandinavian Bjj tournament under IBJJF rules.

Welcome to SCANDINAVIAN BJJ TOURNAMENT 4th and 5th of June! A tournament for kids, juveniles, adults and masters.

The tournament is a 2-day competition arranged by MARIEFRED IFK BJJ


Hammarängens IP - Stallarholmsvägen 11, Mariefred, Sweden

4th & 5th of June 2022, event start at 10.00 both days.


Saturday (start)10:00

Adults and Master 1-3 classes (all belts)

Open classes for all adults and master male and female division.

Sunday (start)10:00

Kids and Juveniles (all belts)


All coaches must apply for an individual coach pass for free entrance. We allow a maximum of 2 coaches per academy. This application have to be done through Smoothcomp on registration like all competitors.


Kids under 6 years =2 minutes

Kids between 7-15 years =3 minutes

Juvenile 16-17 years =5 minutes

Adults = 5 minutes for white, 6 minutes for blue, 7 for purple, 8 for brown and 10 minutes for Black belts

Master 1 = 5 minutes (white/blue) 6 minutes (purple, brown and black)

Master 2 above = 5 minutes

At Scandinavian BJJ tournament IBJJF rules will be used




To qualify for participation in Open Class the following criterias must be met:

- You must be at least 18 years old.

- You must first have fought in your own weight class.

You are only allowed to participate in the same belt colour category for Open Class as you participated in your own weight class.

For Male White and Blue belts (Female is one open class), the Open classes will be split into two. One Light for -76kg and one Heavy for +76kg.

For -76kg you will have to weigh in by the mat before your first fight. You are free to choose any of these regardless of what weight class you competed in the day before.

Example: If you competed in -76kg but do not want to keep dieting for another day, it is okay to register for the +76kg Open Class.


About 30 minutes before the first fight, the athlete will check his/her weight with the Gi. You are only allowed to complete the weigh in when your name is visible on the screen names "current matches". There is only one opportunity to check the weight. If the competitor does not make the weight, they will be immediately disqualified (Adults + Masters). For kids & juveniles we will try and move you if its possible. Please make sure that you are in the correct weight division. You can not change divisions at the weigh-in, if you do not make your designated division, no changes will be accepted on the tournament day, no refunds.


There will not be any briefing of the rules at the tournament, so make sure you read up on them. International BJJ rules from International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation will apply, you can find them at https://ibjjf.com/books-videos


Hammarängens IP »
Stallarholmsvägen 11, 64730 Mariefred, Sweden
Fuso Orario: Europe/Stockholm



  • Boys Gi 250 SEK
  • Girls Gi 250 SEK
  • Juvenile Boys Gi 350 SEK
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile Girls Gi 350 SEK
    16-17 years
  • Male Gi 400 SEK
    18 years and above
  • Female Gi 400 SEK
    18 years and above
  • Male Absolute Gi 100 SEK
  • Female Absolute Gi 100 SEK