Normal registration
13 Jan - 07 Apr 23:59
Late registrations
Deadline 14 Apr 23:59


Lajic BJJ Kids Open 2020

Competition for all children from age 4-15, all belt colors. We have a limited participants with a maximum of 100. The competition takes place at Torvalla Sim and Sporthall, in Haninge Stockholm. The competition is organized by Pancrase Haninge.


The entrance to the facility opens at 8am and the matches are expected to start at 9am.


Torvalla Sim- and Sports Hall, Dalarövägen 68, Handen.


50 SEK for the entry

Participants and children under the age of 16 pay no entry fee, as well as two coaches per team who are notified via email: [email protected] within the deadline.

Registration fee:

250 SEK in regular registration fee.

350 SEK in late registration fee.


100% refund until 14/4 at 23:59, there after no refund.

Boys and Girls classes:

-19kg, -22kg, -25kg, -28kg, -31kg, -34kg, -37kg, -40kg, -44kg, -48kg, -52kg, -56kg, -60kg, -64kg, -68kg, -72kg, +72kg

In some cases we must merging classes:

Merging of classes cuts according to SBJJF's guidelines:

1: Age (maximum 3 years difference, strives for 2 years difference)

2: Weight (maximum 2 weight classes difference combined)

3: Belts (Preferably no more than two steps between the belts, whole colors, exceptions can come to applications in case there is not enough participants)

4: Gender (but this does not applies participate over 12 years, since you must not mix boys and girls over that age)

Clarification: First, we merge No. 1, then No. 2, then No. 3.

Parents are responsible for ensuring that the correct information is found in the participants smoothcomp account in case we need to contact you regarding changes.


Weighing with gi in just within the competitions goes it’s first match. Permissible colors on gi in accordance with IBJJF's regulations.


In an ambition to have the opportunity to get as many matches per participant as possible, we will use the format of brackets suitable for the number of participants in the bracket. We follow IBJJF's rulebook regarding competition.

Cafeteria will be in place. Warm welcome.


Timezone: Europe/Stockholm


  • Boys Gi 250 SEK
  • Girls Gi 250 SEK