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Welcome to Gothenburg International BJJ #1

You are more then welcome to join us at Gothenburg International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  The tournament will be held at Angered Arena (Högaffelsgatan15, 401 21 Gothenburg). 

- The competition will be contested under standard IBJJF rules. You can find them at:


- For Adults & Masters international weight classes applies. 

- For Kids and Juveniles we are using the weight classes defined by the Swedish Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation,the list below.

Kids (Boys & Girls)

-19kg, -22kg, -25kg, -28kg, -31kg, -34kg, -37kg, -40kg, -44kg, -48kg, -52kg, -56kg, -60kg, -64kg, -68kg, -72kg, +72kg 

 - Juveniles (16-17yr, Boys & Girls)

-48.5kg, -53.5kg, -58.5kg, -64kg, -69kg, -74kg, -79.3kg, -84.3kg, -89.3kg, +89.3kg 

- Juveniles can also participate in the Adult class, but only in their own weight class.( must to have parents or coaches authorization to be able to compete in the adult category).


- You must first have fought in your own weight class. 

- You must be at least 18 years old.

- Tournament starts: 11:00  with all kids classes.


Fee adult & master: 500 kr

Fee juveniles:(16-17 years old) 350 kr

Fee kids:300 kr

Late fee: +100 kr

Entrance free:

Good luck to you all!

Alan C Alves, Event Organizer



Angered Arena »
Högaffelsgatan 15
Timezone: Europe/Stockholm



  • Men 500 SEK
    18 years and above
  • Absolute Men 0 SEK
  • Women 500 SEK
    18 years and above
  • Absolute Women 0 SEK
  • Juvenile boys 350 SEK
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile girls 350 SEK
    16-17 years
  • Boys 300 SEK
  • Girls 300 SEK